New technology

HI, well today has been a very adventurous one for me already. I was introduced to drop box. I had never heard of it before and now it seems it could become a very useful tool for sharing ideas and content which will be a huge benefit in teaching years to come. As I have […]

Exciting days ahead

I have been looking to add to my resources for teaching Forces to Prep year ones, there is an abundant and wonderfully creative world of resources out there. I would love to see this happening in classrooms. I have added and created several new ideas from other peoples and would love to share my Pinterest […]

Patterns and Forces for Prep – year 2 ACARA

HI, well the past few weeks have seen me researching for information to teach a sequenced pattern of lesson plans on forces and patterning. The Teachers Pay Teachers website is invaluable consisting of both paid and free resources. The other site I have been using is my Pinterest board. Feel free to drop over and […]


HI, the following is a small excerpt from my submission to create a resource for Technologies. I will be looking for constructive criticism to ensure this becomes a workable compilation of information, thanks for reading! The first content descriptor to be presented will be from the Digital Technologies strand for Foundation to Year 2 students. […]

Prac is done and dusted but I miss them

Finally that last day drew near and I knew I would be finished according to the text books. BUT saying goodbye is so hard when you find your Niche. I really enjoy being in a special school environment, the students are generally pleasant, and if they aren’t, there is always a reason, the staff, YES the […]