About me


My name is Tracey and this blog is all about the experiences of completing Uni as a mature aged student who works part time, has three children of her own, who are grown and three grandchildren who are the joy of my life, well on most days 🙂 .

I have a 23 year old son who is autistic and with this experience in mind I see my future supporting parents like myself and their children in the Special education sector.  I have assisted in creating a parent support group where I work and find this is an extremely rewarding experience for the parents and  I take pleasure in being able to assist parents so that they don’t have to fumble through life discovering supports and funding’s available by accident as I did.

Two of my grandchildren have been diagnosed as being on the spectrum also and so my  life has continued as a support to my children of the  journey of Special Education support and doctors and professional visits.

I began studying in 2009 and have increased my subjects to complete three per semester for the next eighteen months.

I hope you enjoy reading along as I continue this era of my life.



This is a pic of me and two of the precious babies.





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