Prac is done and dusted but I miss them

Finally that last day drew near and I knew I would be finished according to the text books. BUT saying goodbye is so hard when you find your Niche. I really enjoy being in a special school environment, the students are generally pleasant, and if they aren’t, there is always a reason, the staff, YES the staff were pleasant and generally it was an amazing experience. Life goes on I know.

I think I have that deflated feeling when you get all worked up and its over in a flash moment. My return to normality, isn’t quite as normal as I expected and this is just a bummer of a week. No pay still, so  6 weeks not pay to go on prac. some people are just plain mean, needing to make themselves look important to make others look small and yet this is how our world seems to be functioning sadly. What happened to ethics and comradeship I wonder. And as I wonder I need to move on from one assignment to another and complete a first aid course because I can.  I can see my friends having such a great week too 😦 Till next time my friends…..



3 thoughts on “Prac is done and dusted but I miss them

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  3. I know the feeling Tracy,
    I miss my prac kids too, they were so wonderful. The first werek was a struggle getting on top of everything and all the kids but from the second week onwards it was great and I have never built a relation ship with kids in that age. I reallyt miss them tooo….

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