Day 11 Prac

I just have to say WOW I have had the most amazing experience on this Prac. I can reflect my initial response and acknowledge I was wrong. This is almost a life changing experience in regards to behaviour management and strategies. My mentor , while I appreciate others don’t understand her rationale, was so right and I have now developed an amazing rapport with the students, something I would have damaged from the start if I had gone in all guns blazing with a teaching episode. She slowly weaned me into her class and the response has been so positive. I still am hard on myself and for my session this morning I timed wrongly and finished with about 5 minutes to spare. Not great in a special ed setting, but she wasn’t critical, just said it happens to the best of us, How sweet is that. Anyway I only have 4 days left regrettably and wish this time was not about to end. I will take many special memories and all going well hope to return for my internship.


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