Tried and tried and am just too frustrated so ….

A tool to assist my PE






Application to Assignment 3/Professional Experience

CLEM Model

Help understand how to learn about a new ICT and how to use it to enhance student learning.

If there are any new ICTs you need to use it might help your explorations.

Hence might be useful as a part of the planning process for Part B.

TPACK framework

 use of technology to improve learning through

selection of ICT

 Useful when planning lessons


Backwards design

 Beginning with the assessment criteria aligned to the curriculum and lesson planning to fulfil


 Maybe very successful being in special education because your goal is obvious.


SAMR Model  Substition, Augmentation, modification and redefining  which assists in the integration of technology into a classroom setting


TIP Model  Technology Integration Planning, planning to integrate ICT to enhance the teaching


 Plaiining to implement ICTs into special education is beneficial because students enjoy this technology and are more engaged


The 5Es  A process of Engaging, exploring, explaining, elaborating and evaluating to create a lesson that flows and promotes successful learning.


  I will definitely be wanting to use this in my PE to ensure I engage and keep the students interest levels.



Gives students a direct answer to the lesson

 This will be beneficial as it is direct and answers all the questions to what work should look like, leaving no stone unturned as to say.


Connectivism  relates to connecting with people by understanding and creating lessons that appreciate and understand the social and cultural context of peoples circumstances


  knowledge will be a big factor in teaching teens, I plan on connecting and learning as much as I can to teach the students the best way I can


Bloom’s taxonomy

 Creating a deeper level of learning by working through or towards levels of Knowledge, Remember, understand , apply, analyse, evaluate, create.


     interestingly, moving special education students could be a challenge but I will implement some of these levels where possible to analyse their level of understanding


Postman’s 5 things  Theres a price for technology

There will be winners and losers

Some bias will exist

Technological change will happen

Be aware of the mythical image of technology.

 So much information in one theory but something to consider when planning a lesson


Toolbelt theory/TEST framework

 Task, Envirnonmet, Skills, Tools, TEST framework to scaffold learning and questioning.


 learning within special education will need many forms of  scaffolding and adjustments to be suitable



 PKM is a set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world and work more effectively


This is where I reflect and consider what I bring and how I bring it too the prac



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