Day 6 Prac

Today showed a different side to  the students in my PE special education class. The morning commenced with two students losing the plot and kicking and screaming. I was anxious about what the day might hold from there.  I know its quite normal for ASD children to be sensitive and from a quiet conversation between my mentor and the child , sleep was a problem for one of the students, This is quite typical and a very interesting read can be found here.  After a quick read I was feeling a bit of deja vu after I myself  had an hour and  a half disturbed sleep myself on the weekend due to my adult son with ASD.  Life throws us some curly ones I guess we just need to learn how to adjust.  Positively the class while in a hyper anxious mood all day did get through without any more explosions but it was a little like walking on egg shells all day.


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