Prac and ICTs . I want to wish you all luck ..

HI, I have finally met my mentor, I had tried unsuccessfully to google all I could about her and yet I came up blank. Friday I got my opportunity and it was amazing. She is lovely and understood my concern for entering the highschol arena. There are 8 boys and one girl in my class. all quite high functioning yet attending a special school, so after our chat I understand there are some behaviour concerns. She was easy going, explaining that lessons flow some days and other days not, she is expecting me to have a go but not pressuring due to the class.  We have access to all forms of ICT and with teens this will be my biggest challenge accessing educational and yet high enough interest for them, after all what do teens with ASD do but play computer games endlessly 🙂 .

We have a whiteboard in the class and another student has blogged about some of the resources she will use. Not sure if these will be useful but I am happy to try anything to evaluate what level this class is at. I want to wish you all luck and remember this is one day, actually 15 days closer to achieving our goal. Go get em friends.


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