As the weekend fades, and another wonderful mothers day is behind us, I focus forward towards my three weeks of prac, I am excited about going to a new school, sad I couldn’t attend my old and slowly gathering my bundle of preparedness together. To do this I have purchased new folders and enveloped, matching colours of course and a plastic box which will now become my prac box. Last week our Uni lecturer advised we set about preparing and getting ourselves into some routine, This week as I read he turns us to focus on lesson planning and how will we assess our brainstorming for lessons, I want to add the following small questions for myself to check as I plan to incorporate ICTs into the prac.

What teaching strategies and learning activities will work best?

  • How can ICTs best support these strategies and activities?
  • How can I prepare the students to use these ICTs?
  • How will students be grouped?
  • How will I sequence activities?

best of luck to my fellow colleagues as they enter prac areas in the coming week.


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