Assignment 2 is complete BUT THE CHALLENGE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN

It has been many weeks that I have worked on my focus on ICT,s within the classroom. It has been my pleasure to proof read a couple of my fellow students assignments and amazingly, we all will pass of that I am sure BUT  all of us have different ideas. We all obviously learn and interpret information differently, YET we expect our students to be immersed in one lesson, created for 25 or so students? Really helps get perspective when you ponder this. We are all unique and therefore we must make lessons which are unique and cater for 25 individuals not one group. What a challenge. In the next few weeks I will commence my prac which I envisage will be at a special school, where there will be at least 5 students in my class. I WILL  endeavour to create lessons which are for each child and engage all of them in their area of interest.








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