What ICT’s are useful

HI , after many weeks of long and researched thought I want to include I CT”s into my unit of History which are not just there fore the sake of using an ICT but for the benefit of my students. A fellow blogger Maggies Journey has included a site which she found from our Lecturer Steve which will help you analyse the ICT. What will be we advance to next. I am going to really investigate this sit and check many of the  I CT’s I am using for their value’s sake. I am looking forward to the prac and while we don’t have to use this unit, I know the developments I have made with ICT’s will definitely come into use.


One thought on “What ICT’s are useful

  1. I am also having difficulty with this Tracey. On my last prac I found this amazing balance scale game… well I thought it was, the students on the other hand were just not engaged. So with my tail between my legs I went to the resource room and found some old balance scales and weights took them to my next maths lesson and they worked like a charm. I guess my point is that even when ICTs are relevant they don’t always produce the desired result!

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