Assignment One is over, Assignment Two is here

Wow, Today I got the results from one assignment and know that I must continue on for assignment 2.  My results were quite rewarding considering the effort and time I put in and now I am focused towards the next goal for this subject. Amongst it all I try to the keep focus of how I would like to see children learn. One exciting and promising idea I have come across is the idea that children do not need a formal assessment when using ICT’s. Its absolutely true if they spend several hours on program they must have mastered some of it, or you would hear about the frustration, which in itself would be a teaching tool. Therefore, if they spend this time it isn’t really necessary to assess anymore with the ABC etc criteria which is quite scary not just for children but adults alike, the fear of failing is immense and while it drives some people I am sure for others it terrifies them beyond being effective in their endeavours.  I find waiting for the results from assignments quite stressful because I put so much pressure on myself, How amazing to be part of a change, I hope I am .

 While searching fro some programs for my next unit of work I came across this image, so funny yet, explains the whole history of technology awesomely.






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