Family Time

Dear Readers

Well, the past two weeks have been holidays. First week was great I went on a ladies camp and came home for just one night feeling refreshed, then I went on another two night retreat with my family. Wow after returning home I read the following post and my life was mirrored in this parents words. Our life as parents of a child/ adult of autism can be a mix of emotions and life is different from the average parent. However not a life we would change for the world. I noticed that the emotion or hug was chatted about here, I have just the opposite, my son prefers to sit beside you as his only form of contact, this is a rare, but special occasion. Our holiday while rigid and focused around the phobias and fear  was still as relaxing as one can hope for.  I know the future is positive and while holidays cause havoc in my house, I too look forward to the time together with family. Now this next week will see me dive deeply back into study and work. Eagerly awaiting the next break.


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