Curriculum Support

HI all,

wow holidays are finally here and I am loving the time to relax, catch up and spend more time to read my uni study  notes. This week we are looking at the ACARA curriculum and the lecturer has done a fantastic job at explaining all the little hidden areas which so often are not explained so well. Congrats to the USQ for his teaching skills I say, with this in mind I am planning on soldiering on with my assignment 2 so that I don’t have that rush at the last minute. I find that I need time to create then adjust what I plan and this gives me plenty of time to do that. I also intend to spend some time with my grandchildren, reading, game playing and generally relaxing before the next extremely busy term. Excitingly another prac will be part of the term and slowly I am creeping towards the end of my degree. Only 7 subjects to go after this semester YAYYY.  So I must go and relax, enjoy your holidays my friends,


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