This week in my life

HI all,

Funny how submitting one assignment brings a roll of more, but that’s what this week brings for me. I am a little excited to be able to use tools I have learnt in one course to take to another and make some meaning. As I searched for some resources I came across this article about ICTs in education. Its abstract began something like this

“ICT does not automatically add quality. There is however, growing

evidence that ICT application to the core business of education can

accelerate and improve learning on a number of fronts. It can also

provide the means of gathering, connecting and analysing data about

teaching and learning in ways that enable us to more accurately

diagnose student need and evaluate programs. To apply ICT in these

ways requires changed approaches by educators”.


I thought this was quite appropriate and after our lectures very in tune with what we are learning feel free to use the link to peruse more about it.

I had never considered this would be such a major part of an education degree but I am slowly coming to terms with its abilities and in turn increasing my own. I find at times I am explaining myself to others about how certain apps or programmes can be of use.

WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT. I am a mature age student who never saw a computer in my classroom!

Anyway enjoy the read I also have some marvellous links to teachers and their blogs to share with us soon.





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