Time to move on

HI all,

Yes its done, submitted and Ill rest easy.

Today I perused some of the next module and I am starting to get excited, this is where we will use this new technology within a classroom context. I am also enjoying what I have read so far. It seems this time the lecturer is guiding our planning and while I don’t want answers given I have found my gap for uni has been no direct guidance for lesson plans. I think we have to be a little cluey ourselves don’t get me wrong, but, I have been studying for ages now and it seems lesson plans are en expectation but there is no course which specifically looks at how to create the best plan. Anyway I will be happy to see where this expectation leads me.  I am daunted and excited all at once. I  know I will not get to execute this plan on my next prac as its a special ed school, but I was so blessed to spend time there with children who had multiple disabilities and am eagerly awaiting the where to with this next class.

till next time cheers ….


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