I am so awesomely excited. I mastered it and it all saved. yayy  So this time

I say submit with all fingers and toes crossed. I am interested in others experience with Prezi?

here is a link to my work

I know these technologies will be useful in my teaching career as I mentioned to my Hoses about Prezi and he could show and discuss with me the many times he has used Prezi.  I am thankful for the journey, we are almost never thankful for the heartaches BUT

The traveller has reached the end of the journey!  Edmund Bourke.

Remembering there is always many more trips too 🙂

Good luck my fellow travellers I hope you had not so many bumps, although those bumps helped me learn a new technology I am pretty bruised today.

Tomorrow is a new day.




One thought on “ACHIEVEMENT !

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