Assignment One and Prezi experience


Well what can I say. I went to bed last night so excited about the efforts I had put into my Prezi. I had been able to integrate photos of ICT’s with my plan of design and I was impressed. I had spent numerous hours, maybe 40 at least over the past few weeks tweaking and changing and getting to know this programme, OR SO I THOUGHT.  😦 .

Today I woke to an aching ear and would you believe it , after going to bed at 12-30 I had lost at least half of my presentation.

I have googled and searched and wondered where I went wrong. I am imaging it may be too much content, some of the searches indicate this can crash the Prezi. So I set about re trying and editing to add back the information, to  ahuh  that’s it I lost another area.  If anyone has some idea I am open to suggestions. I don’t want to abandon the whole Prezi idea because I am a stickler and I want to master this. so feel free to assist if you think you can help. In the meantime I plan on typing into my ever constant word and will have the information ready again.  I have seen some awesome Prezi’s and I want mine to be great too.

thanks today for listening


2 thoughts on “Assignment One and Prezi experience

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    • Thankyou so much, sometimes a word of encouragement from another colleague makes us realise we are on the right path. I have relooked today and I am happy with my end product made in Prezi. Goodluck with yours too.

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