Week 3

HI all.

Wow this has been an emotional roller coaster week at our house.

My niece has got married and three of my immediate family members were attendants. This has placed a huge stain on my ability to study and work through the requirements of my courses. I try to read but the brain just doesn’t seem to be absorbing the information. Sometimes I wonder what I actually should do, read and absorb nothing or leave it.

I stick to reading and working through the weeks so I at least may have a glimmer of learning. If a marriage can stress a family to the limits I would actually encourage all of us who are planning to be teachers to consider the children in our lives who cope with much more emotional stress with families who have many troubles in their everyday life.

Amongst the chaos I googled and searched for creative commons so I could continue my assignment. Here is where I am encouraged by sharing people, a co student Mel has placed a link in her blog which she may not have realised but has made my life so much easier this week. To be able to help others without intention is amazing. Thanks Mel.

So I will press forward towards the goal ( Phillipians 3.14)

off to work I go ….Tracey


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