HI again,

I never planned on posting so much but it seems if you are a talker it reflects in your blogs :).

Sorry to those who get a little over my ranting but I loved the idea which popped into my head.

I earlier made a comment about the benefits of using blogs with students, this is a link to a small extract which also finds this an invaluable idea.

I would never have imagined using them within a classroom, either for learning or assessment, love the way this course is broadening my thinking.

I am planning on working in special education and now I will continue this train of thought with how we could integrate this into their learning.

Children with ASD which I usually work with tend not to talk a lot, but, I know having no face to face contact is beneficial, so they enjoy Facebook and a lot of ICT social networks, the older guys would possibly enjoy this medium.  Thinking thinking…..  





2 thoughts on “Brain FLASH

  1. I clicked on your eprints link Tracey and now I know what RSS stands for. Thanks for the education. It will take a bit longer for me to understand it in full, if I ever do. But that saved me a google search, so thank you.

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