Ongoing journey

Well I have had some time to work through more of the content of my uni course, wow I am feeling so overwhelmed, bogged down and completely incompetent. However having said that I am an optimist so I will trudge forward. I can do this. While I believe I am at the investigation stage (Finger et al , 2007)  I am determined to move up the scale, id love to anticipate moving up several stages by the end of the course but  I might be a little too optimistic and eager. I will endeavour to work my way through each stage of both the course and  The stages of teacher development for ICT over the next few months. There are several people who seem to know a lot about ICT but after this week and learning how many and how varied ICT’s are I am not sure any one person would be confident in every area, therefore I will plan to increase my skills with the whiteboard, laptop and ipad and try to learn about as many new apps as possible and how they will be able to used within the classroom to enhance the students learning.  I know my prac will be at a Special Ed school and I am starting to consider what will be useful within the classroom and what will enhance the students learning according to their individual needs.  I enjoyed my last prac and learnt about use of the computer as a tool to create the interactive stories needed to help the student’s fully understand the content and context of the story. This time I hope to be able to repeat that process again and be more confident in the execution.   I will keep you posted as to my progress. Till next time….


2 thoughts on “Ongoing journey

  1. Good for you! Optimism is a great trait to have. I am feeling much the same as you but am also going to borrow some of that optimism to get me through. All the best!! 😀

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